The versatility and longevity of gunite inground pools have made them a favorite among homeowners. These pools are often a favorite in hotels and, more recently, in homes. Gunite inground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are various things to consider during installation, like the depth of the pool, the number of benches, and the placement of the stairs. Also, consider the height and shape of the sun shelf. Is it finally time to get that gunite pool in your outdoor space? If you’re interested in having a pool installed in your yard, Element Pools is here to help.

Why Should You Install Gunite Inground Pools?Why Gunite?

Gunite inground pools are the most valuable and long-lasting option. This pool can withstand seasonal and climatic soil changes, including thawing and freezing. The gunite shell may expand and contract to suit any climate.

The pool’s durability and adaptability make it possible to design a pool with whatever shape you like. A gunite pool makes it simple to add features like an elevated spa, rock waterfall, trickling spillway, or fountain shelf. This makes this type of pool perfect for your yard.

The length of time needed to build gunite inground pools

Gunite inground pools should take four to six weeks to build. Excavation, setting up the rebar framework, and laying the gunite are just a few of the many tasks involved in constructing this pool. Finishing touches include coping, water tile installation, concrete deck construction, and paver installation.

The inground pool installation process might take up to six weeks, which may seem excessively long. Yet, building with gunite is slowed by the time it takes for the material to dry.

How to maintain gunite inground pools

There are a few things to remember when caring for gunite inground pools:

What characteristics set gunite inground pools apart from other types of swimming pools?

Nowadays, most homeowners choose a gunite pool when commissioning an inground pool. Gunite inground pools are a popular choice for their durability and versatility. These pools are common among homeowners because of their versatility in terms of shape and size.


A gunite inground pool has a rebar framework that extends from one end to the other. The pool builders also use high-speed gunite spray to cover the framework. This creates a dense, solid material that is both compact and strong. These swimming pools last for years.

Added features

A gunite pool allows you to improve the look of your property by installing various water features. The pools pair nicely with a variety of water elements. For example, tanning ledges, custom steps, underwater benches, grottos, waterfalls, spas, and jets.

Fit any shape and space in the yard

Because of its versatility, gunite comes in many different dimensions and forms. Depending on your preferences, professionals can shape a gunite pool to suit your preferences. You might worry about space, but rest assured that our professional staff can shape the pool into the existing area.

Variety of finishes

Gunite inground pools can be completed in various appealing ways. Popular coatings for these pools include colored quartz and plaster. Pebbles and tile are other options for giving a pool that luxurious, unique look and feel.

As a result of its drastic decline in quality, plaster is no longer the preferred finishing material in the building industry. Pebble finishes are the most attractive and cost-effective option. This is because of their minimal maintenance requirements. Gunite inground pools with a pebble finish can last for years if properly cared for. Among all pool finishes, pebbles are by far the most budget-friendly option.

Why Should You Install Gunite Inground Pools?Low maintenance

Gunite pools are low-maintenance options for those who want a clean, safe place to swim. They have an additional coating of cement applied to the interior to make them more durable. In contrast to fiberglass pools, gunite inground pools don’t need acid washing or painting to look great.

Swimming in a pool made with gunite eliminates the need for chlorine. Plus, they require little maintenance. They need the occasional scrubbing of the pool’s bottom and vacuuming of debris from the pool’s perimeter.


Your pool is an investment in your property. Most homeowners like gunite inground pools because of their longevity, adaptability, and aesthetically pleasing designs. It’s important to use durable materials and timeless designs.

Your inground gunite pool should be starting right now. Get in touch with the pool design experts at Element Pools today.

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