Bringing in a professional pool design consultant is a good idea for any swimming pool construction project. There are many different pool builders in San Antonio, so make sure that the contractor you pick has outstanding expertise, skills, and is a licensed and insured contractor. Make sure they meet these requirements so that the project can be completed on schedule and on budget.

Why Hire a Swimming Pool Construction Expert?

When you’re going to put up a swimming pool, there are a number of things that may go wrong. Installing a pool, for one thing, costs a lot of money, generates a lot of dust and noise, and takes time to complete. In order to get the most out of your money, you’ll need to be savvy in your purchasing decisions. A contractor may not be familiar with the specifics of each type of pool installation, whether it’s on a home or business property, in a valley, on a hillside, or at the very top of a building. Building pools of certain types requires a specific skillset that not all pool contractors possess. Element Pool Company is an expert at all phases of gunite inground pool construction for residential and commercial projects.

Planning a Pool Construction Project? Here’s What You Need To Consider

When planning your pool construction project, there are a few considerations before you even get started with the design. Read through some of these concerns and make certain to read our pool construction checklist before getting an estimate.

Find out if your property has any easements.
You can’t put a pool or anything else permanent on an easement, so find out whether there are any easements before you start building. This is literally the very first thing you should check for.

Make a sweep of your backyard to see if there are any overhead wires.
Overhead wires are a safety hazard, and your pool cannot be built or installed under them (electrical and other utilities). In certain cases, they may have to be redirected at your own expense before you may put in a pool.

Your yard’s terrain should be evaluated.
In terms of terrain, you should be fine if it’s flat. Before installing a pool, you may need to have your land reshaped or build some retaining walls if you live in an area that is steep or has steep slopes Keep your pool from shifting and sliding by installing retaining walls.

Make sure there are no utility wires flowing beneath your land.
The easy part is seeing what’s above your land, but the hard part is seeing what’s underneath it. Fortunately, your home’s blueprints should let you know if any utility lines run beneath your backyard, including water, sewer, gas, and electricity. In some cases, they may also need to be rerouted before installing an inground pool, depending on the available space.

Select an area at least 100 feet from a body of water for your outdoor oasis.
A swimming pool can’t be built within 100 feet of a body of water such as a lake, ocean, river, or any other big body of water. If the water table is too high for an inground swimming pool, you’ll need to choose a different location.

Check to see if your yard has enough space for the constructing equipment.
Dump trucks, skid steers, concrete mixers, and other large pieces of heavy machinery are all on the table. It’s possible that you’ll have to demolish and then rebuild a portion of your perimeter fence or wall to accomplish this. If your contractor is unable to get the large equipment through, he or she may have to use smaller equipment, which will extend the duration of the project.

Pool Construction Expertise

Pool designers often run into issues when planning the more technical aspects of swimming pool construction. Our consultants typically provide expertise on a wide array of issues including structural engineering and hydraulics. On complex pool construction projects this ensures that pool designs are accurate and in accordance with industry standards. Having one of our consultants on hand is invaluable during pool construction as they offer critical insights and report on how the project is proceeding.

Planning a Pool Construction Project in San Antonio, TX

The following are some of the benefits of working with a pool design / build firm:

Communication With Your Pool Builder

An experienced member of our swimming pool design team will meet with you on-site to get to know you and learn about the specifics of your project when you hire us as your pool builder. Documents such as contracts, insurance, and permits are taken care of during this initial phase. A thorough inspection of the site will be done during this time. After your initial pool design consultation, the pool plans which contain the specifics of the construction project are submitted for permit approvals. Once we receive any necessary permits and HOA approvals, we are ready to proceed with pool construction.

The construction of inground pools is not always a linear process, which is why it pays to bring in a professional pool design consultant that can help streamline things. This keeps the project on-time and on budget. Many homeowners opt to bring in a designer and a builder separately. Quite often this leads to communication issues. Consequently, our design / build firm handles all of the design and construction of your pool in-house, leading to a more streamlined pool installation.

While planning your pool construction project, it’s important to discuss the overall budget you have in mind for your outdoor living project. Make sure to discuss your specific, needs and wants for the intended use of the space. Your pool builder will ask questions about your lifestyle, your family, how you entertain, and numerous other questions. This will help the designer come up with a comprehensive design plan that truly hits all the right notes.


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