We’re proud to announce we were recently nominated Builder of the Year! Element Pool Company is rapidly being recognized as one of the leading pool builders in San Antonio where we have established our reputation as well as throughout the nation! We are uniquely proud to have been recognized as one of the top pool builders in the country by Pool Nation. To be recognized by their organization means a lot to us and puts us on par with some of the best builders in the nation which is truly an incredible experience for us.

Pool Nation
We’re incredibly pleased to have been nominated “Builder of the Year” by Pool Nation

Just to be nominated is a tremendous honor and we couldn’t be more pleased to share this incredible news with you. Being nominated as “Builder of the Year” is a tremendous achievement and turning point for our pool company. It signifies that our efforts to establish ourselves as a market leader are being acknowledged by the pool industry and this is tremendously gratifying for us.

That this nomination comes on the tail-end of appearing on the cover of Pool Pro Magazine’s 30 Under 40 issue, and appearing in Pool Magazine. This definitely is a feather in the cap for what has been a phenomenal year for us. 2022 will mark the moment where we’ve transcended past the point of being a great local builder with a strong following, to being recognized nationwide as one of the best of the best. This event marks a definite milestone that we are incredibly pleased and humbled to have received. We couldn’t be more happy to share this great news with those that are cheering for our success!

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